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Jeffree Star's "Beauty Killer"

* With the approaching New Year, these next two reviews will represent something old and something new. While neither of these albums were released in 2011, they represent some of the good albums that came out in 2009 - 2010. Hope you all have a great time counting down to January 1st!

The Queen of the Internet, Jeffree Star, became known thanks to social networking site MySpace, releasing two EPs before setting his sights on his first full length studio album. "Beauty Killer" is a project filled with dark lyrics telling stories of death and love sung in a voice that only Star can provide. Listeners will be quick to realize that this is not your average pop singer; Star is putting originality back in the music industry. After hearing the news that Star is now signed to Akon's record label, his next album will be different from this effort that contains music that excited his fans and offended others.
The twelve track standard edition of the album begins with "Get Away With Murder", a dark confession of a heartbreak where Star sings about loving someone only after their death. Even though the lyrics may scare some listeners, I must say I enjoy the originality and delivery throughout. The track is one hundred percent pop with a twist that will get people to understand Star for the artist that he is. It is a different piece of work that compliments the production and vocals. A simple crush is taken to an extreme level on "Prisoner". The song describes loving someone so much that you would let them lock you up. The voice you hear on track is one that you would not expect to come from the artist. The song is very catchy and takes a different approach on the traditional love song. The finished product is enjoyable, just nothing that deserves rave reviews. "Louis Vuitton Body Bag" is as dark as the album gets and is my personal favorite off the entire project. Star sings about slitting one's throat, but doing it with a little bit of class. The vocal range stays the same throughout with only one exception towards the end which I find haunting in a good way. If I had to categorize the song, pop horror is where it would go. The vibe of the album gets toned down a little with the title track. Star's vocals become softer and slower while he sings about faking perfection. The vocals may be altered, but the beats make it a song I enjoy singing along to. For the artist, the song is a step in a whole new direction and it pays off very well. Beauty may be hard to find, and Star makes it clear he would rather die without it in this piece of pop magic. Star proclaims he is the 'king of candy' in the fast paced cotton candy inspired "Electric Sugar Pop". The lyrics are nothing to be taken too seriously, but you cannot help but rock your head to the beat. The vocals are deep and sexualized as usual and I think they support the concept of the album that Star was aiming for. Nowhere near a standout track, but clearly a fun song to listen to if you are feeling a bit naughty. "Love Rhymes With Fuck You" is a loud song completely about sex which contains the 'f word' more than fifty times. I applaud the song, Star as well, because it shows that he does not care to censor himself because he is making music that he stands behind. The die-hard fans will fall in love with it, but unfortunately it will not attract any new fans for the singer. The track is vulgar and dirty, but that's what is good about it. "Bitch Please!" is a track that I consider another highlight off the album. Star references many events that pop culture has to offer in a song that deserves positive feedback. The song is very simple and does not require much vocal range, but after hearing the names of Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Chris Brown, along with many others, listeners will quickly hit repeat. The track is funny, catchy, and a favorite of mine. The album continues with a track that may not be considered entirely 'new' since the original is found of his "Cupcakes Taste Like Violence" EP, but this remix of "Lollipop Luxury" featuring rapper Nicki Minaj breathes more life into the song. Again, the sexual innuendos gets amped up, but that was to be expected. The beats, production, and lyrics actually go great together while Minaj's rap just adds to the greatness. The sexual vibe continues with "Get Physical". Star seems to be revealing some sexual fantasies, or experiences, in a song that was created for one reason, to make anyone listening feel naughty. Overall, the track is nothing special, but it works for the album and the artist. Star sings about sex as if it were an everyday topic, which I think it should be. With featured guest Breathe Carolina putting their signature touch on "Fame and Riches, Rehab Bitches", it becomes a mash of pop and rock. All the artists' voices go quite well together and they end up creating a well-crafted song. The screaming found throughout is probably what makes the song a great one, but the material is also at it's best here. It's something different, but does not sound out of place. The production may be perfect on "Fresh Meat"; however, Star sounds like he is a little bored and just makes his way through the song without changing a single note. I do like how the dark vibe is still present on the track, but it is toned down to an appropriate level. The song is good, but compared to the rest of the track list it gets lost and forgotten. The album ends with the biggest surprise from the artist. All horror inspired lyrics and vulgarity are thrown out on "Queen of the Club Scene" in order to let Star's vocals shine bright. The song is shocking to hear, but in a good way, because the track takes the artist in a new direction that can appeal to any audience. There is something about his voice here that makes him sound a bit vulnerable. A great way to end the album. The album is good because it is a cohesive piece of work that shows something different than ordinary pop. The vocals aren't perfect, but it's a job well done for a first album.
"Beauty Killer" is a dark, twisted pop album that comes together to represent an artist that many may not relate to right away. The artist and the music are something completely different and I think that is where it works. The album is filled with great tracks that will not hit every audience, but for those who are looking for something new, this is truly a hidden gem. Jeffree Star is currently working on his sophomore album, but it's nice to look back at this effort to see how he will grow and mature as an artist. For original lyrics, a different and sexy voice, and many amazing songs, "Beauty Killer" receives an 83%.

Tracks to Hear: "Louis Vuitton Body Bag", "Bitch Please!", and "Queen of the Club Scene"

Jeffree Star - Louis Vuitton Body Bag (feat. Matt Skiba) by Ashleylturner

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  1. Beauty Killer is amazingly made album, and while I do agree with you on Fresh Meat, my favorite song of Jeffree's (on the album) is Get Away With Murder. Dark, mysterious, but sung gorgeously... On the Bonus Track Version, it would be Gorgeous. But my favorite song of all time, which would be a Jeffree song, is I'm In Love With A Killer. There's really nothing like it, if you try and think...


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